The TD100 Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) represents a new genre in flexible, affordable remotely operated airborne surveillance systems of this class.

In the under 55lb gross take-off weight (Class 2) class, the TD100 offers an unparalleled 20lb of free payload capacity, and includes, within the base air vehicle all required power source, communications and control functions necessary to support and sustain such user selected payload options.

The TD100 is also a complete “turn-key” solution, inclusive of:

  • Airborne Platform
  • User-Defined Payload Complement
  • Payload Integration
  • Launcher & Recovery System
  • Ground Control & Monitoring Facilities
  • User Training Program
  • Integrated Logistics Support

The 20lb payload provides the user a full spectrum of sensing and sampling technologies, including, but not limited to:

  • A range of high-resolution conventional camera
  • A similar range of Infra-Red sensors
  • Integrated Multi-Spectral cameras
  • Precision Geo-Positioning and Geo-Mapping Options for all sensors
  • Integrated Weather Data Collection
  • Magnetometer, and associated geological sensors

The TD100 also comes with a range of powerplant options, providing the user the ability to select between 3 hours of ultra-quiet, zero-emission performance, all the way up to in excess of 30 hours of extended operation.

A selection of mission flights by Brican Flight Systems

Considering the above, the range of Applications that can be considered, using the TD100 is defined only by the end-users imagination.

BRICAN is equipped to work with the client in the selection and integration of custom payloads, intended to secure optimal outcomes against user requirements. We also have “baseline architectures” that fit what we consider to be the most probable areas of application, which comprise:

  • Environmental Monitoring & Management
  • Natural Resource Surveying & Development
  • National Sovereignty Roles
  • Search/Rescue and associated Emergency Management functions

We welcome the opportunity to open a dialog with you, such that we can collectively evolve a solution that fits your needs.

You will find that the TD100 allows you to consider roles that have been previously beyond the reach of UAVs of this class, in a manner that presents the lowest cost of acquisition and ownership for any role. By example, here is a simple matrix, comparing the characteristics of existing prevalent UAVs in this class, against the TD100 parameters.

How we measure up – Typical Parameters

UAV Type > Brican TD100 Boeing ScanEagle* Textron AAI Aerosonde*
WT/CLASS Under 25 kg, considered by US DoD as Class 2 Under 25 kg, considered by US DoD as Class 2 Under 25 kg, considered by US DoD as Class 2
MAX PAYLOAD 9kg 5kg 6kg
PAYLOAD TYPES Vis + IR, Weather, Geo-sensors, geo referenced and stabilized Visible or IR, geo-stabilized Visible or IR, geo-stabilized
SPEED-kts (MAX/CRUISE) 100/65 80/48 80/55
DURATION (@CRUISE)-hr 30+ 15 10+
CEILING-ft 20000+ 19000 15000
LAUNCH/ RECOVERY Catapult/Airbag Catapult/Wire Catapult/Net
ITAR Controlled NO YES YES
Mobilization Can self deploy with a single pickup Require separate vehicles to tow the catapult and recovery systems Require separate vehicles to tow the catapult and recovery systems
System Cost $$ $$$ $$$$
*Obtained through research and/or publicly available information available online (i.e. corporate websites, etc.). Subject to change.