UAV Configuration

Our UAV platform is based upon a proven conventional layout with high wing and t-tail configuration, and provides a flexible and stable base platform for a wide variety of mission specific modifications. The aircraft provides consistent performance and operation characteristics over a wide range of payload, power plants, fuel systems, operating environments, sensor and data recording equipment and mission profiles. The aircraft utilizes state of the art structural and aerodynamic design to achieve superior performance over a wide range of operating conditions.

The airframe is designed for optimal durability and extended lifespan even in harsh environments.

The modular and easily re-configurable base airframe lends itself well to quickly adapting or re-purposing with minimal costs incurred or time consumed for redevelopment or reengineering.

Direct integration between 3D design software and multi-axis robotic controlled machining and mold making systems facilitate rapid prototyping and commercial production that keeps Brican’s UAV program and all of its manufacturing endeavours at the forefront of industrial design and innovation.

TD100 - Brican UAV Configuration

Aircraft Specification

Brican’s UAV design is focused on key design criteria and critical flight systems such as weight, dimensions, range, payload, rapid mission specific re-engineering and manufacture, and modularity of interchangeable mounting systems for payload, sensors and data collection systems. Projected specifications and performance criteria:

UAV Specifications:
  • Max gross takeoff weight: (MGTOW) 55 lbs (24.95 kg)
  • Empty weight: 35 lbs (15.8 kg)
  • Wing span: 196 inch (5 m)
  • Vehicle length: 79 inch (2 m)
  • Fuselage diameter: 10 inch (0.25 m)

Brican’s UAV platform is modular by design and this lends itself extremely well to interchangeable propulsion systems.

All electric aircraft systems

  • Reduced acoustical signature
  • Reduced operational vibration
  • Ideal for sensitive scientific payloads and instrumentation


  • Optimized for extended endurance
  • Increased payload/carrying capacity
  • Versatile fuel source
  • Preferred compatibility for military operations

Performance Criteria

Brican’s UAV advanced structural and aerodynamic design yields performance characteristics equal to or exceeding that of all other comparable UAVs in its weight class.

Projected Performance Criteria
(Multi-Fuel Spark Ignition configuration)

  • Payload weight: 20 lbs (9 kg)
  • Maximum cruising speed: 88 knots
  • Loiter speed: 33 knots
  • Service ceiling: 25,000 ft
  • Maximum endurance: 40 hours
  • Maximum Range: 2,000 nm (nautical miles)