Elegant Themes Review

Elegant Themes Review. Is It Worthwhile The Investment?

A Powerful New WordPress Theme
A Powerful New WordPress Theme

According to Salary.com, the median income for a web designer is over $60,000 per year, with a range from $57,000 to nearly $71,000. The combination of high demand and lucrative income potential makes web design a popular home business idea, and Elegant Themes will do the heavy work for you.

Even if you know nothing about coding or web design, thanks to the 2,000+pre-made designs layouts that Elegant Themes put at your disposal, you can also start this lucrative business from the comfort of your home.

This is what you are about to learn:

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Elegant Themes – Key Points
Elegant Themes is one of the best WordPress theme shops on the planet, where you can find extremely original, elegant & inexpensive WordPress themes for your Web Design Agency
Elegant Themes cost $89 per year for yearly access or a one-time $249 payment for lifetime access. For your payment, you get access to every single theme and plugin that Elegant Themes offers
At the moment of this writing, there are more than 800K customers using Elegant Themes. So, quality and popularity of the product is assured. Also, their support is superb. Finally, their price is very affordable for unlimited sites you can create, for you or for your customers
There isn’t a pop up exit intention builder
Since Elegant Themes have a lot of layouts you can imagine, rest assured that if you have a business in Web Design, you will find a theme for any business your customer has. They have recently refactored their Divi theme to create super-fast websites that score 100 on Google Page Speed and 100% on GTMetrix. We highly recommend this, even if you know nothing about web design

What Is Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes has the most popular WordPress Themes
Elegant Themes has the most popular WordPress Themes

Elegant Themes is a WordPress theme shop that’s highly recommended by some of the top WordPress enthusiasts and experts. Nick Roach, who started the theme club in his college apartment, has grown Elegant Themes exponentially over the past 11+ years since it was started.

Elegant Themes are also search engine friendly and user experience optimized. They have great support for monetization and ad integrations. These themes by Elegant Themes are most AdSense optimized too, in case you want to use it for monetization.

Elegant Themes are currently used by more than 800K customers from all over the world. They are preferred by business owners and web design professionals, for the ease of use, SEO friendly, super-fast loading time, and support. All for an affordable price.

A team of 85+ best professionals is a part of the company, who are passionately working for its betterment.

Products That You Get With Your Purchase

Elegant Themes provides a set of tools that you can choose to use. You can download and use any of the following products once you have decided to go for the one-time price, or the yearly plan:

  • Divi Theme. All in one theme
  • Divi Builder Plugin
  • Extra Magazine Theme
  • Bloom Email Optin Plugin
  • Monarch Social Media Plugin

Let’s review one by one. Keep reading…

Divi Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Divi - The Most Popular WordPress Theme In The World
Divi – The Most Popular WordPress Theme In The World

Elegant Theme’s main product is Divi. It is a truly multi-purpose theme that comes with a state-of-the-art WordPress builder.

With Divi, clients can take their websites to a whole new level. Divi is a product that is designed for everyone i.e., Freelancers, Agencies and Website Owners.

Divi theme has almost 200+ website elements. Divi also has unexampled 2,000+ pre-made website design layouts, serving to any business you can imagine, such as dentists, chiropractors, architects, engineers, musicians, realtors, lawyers, woodworkers, educators, restaurants, construction. You name it.

If you have, or want to have a web design agency, you will be able to serve to any customer in no time. You will save both time and money. You will also get happy customers.

I’ve been using Divi for some years now, and have witnessed how it has evolved. At writing this review article, they are at version 6.x and the visual page builder offers you complete design control over everything. No need of programming is required.

If you are more technical, you get a fully-featured code editor that makes adding custom CSS styles and custom code so much easier than ever before.

Elegant Themes is also updated weekly with free photos, icons and illustrations.

Besides, they are always adding new modules on a constant basis. For example, at the moment of this writing, Elegant Themes released 8 new Divi WooCommerce modules, and the ability to customize your WooCommerce checkout page and your WooCommerce cart page using the builder and its full array of design options.

With these modules, you can control the entire user experience, from viewing a product all the way through its purchase.

Just to give you a taste of the way Elegant Themes remains as state-of-the-art technology, these new modules represent a piece of the WooCommerce cart and checkout pages.

These eight new modules include:

Woo Cart Products – This module displays the list of products that a user currently has in their cart.

Woo Cart Totals – This module displays the current subtotal, shipping and total price for the products in a user’s cart.

Woo Cart Cross Sells – This module displays cross sells and related products on the cart page.

Woo Checkout Billing – This module displays the billing details form used during checkout.

Woo Checkout Shipping – This module displays the shipping details form used during checkout.

Woo Checkout Information – This module displays the additional information form used during checkout.

Woo Checkout Details – This module displays order details, including the products being purchased and their prices, during checkout.

Woo Checkout Payment – This module displays the payment type selection and payment form details during checkout.

Take a look at some of the amazing designs Elegant Theme’s team has created using these new modules.

And guess what? You do not have to pay extra for every new update!

Divi Builder Plugin

The Divi Builder Plugin can be used on any theme
The Divi Builder Plugin can be used on any theme

Divi Builder Plugin is the other flagship of Elegant Themes. While Divi Theme has Divi Builder incorporated, Divi Builder can actually work as a separate plugin and can be used on any theme that is coded according to WordPress Coding Standards.

Divi Builder lets you take advantage of the free design elements, vectors, and design options to quickly customize the interface of your website.

Extra. The Ultimate Magazine Theme For WordPress

Extra WordPress Magazine Theme.
Extra WordPress Magazine Theme.

Extra is a beautiful and powerful WordPress magazine theme.

Extra theme, as Divi theme, comes with the Divi Builder incorporated, which extends its advanced Drag And Drop builder power to work on your homepage and categories.

Although Divi is a multipurpose theme that serves every industry or website, the Extra theme is more specific. It’s ideal for online magazines, freelance business experts who want to showcase their portfolios, journalistic blogs, and other website projects that emphasize the written content.

Extra is more than a theme. You are not limited to a single static design, or a set of pre-made layouts. You can use Divi Builder to have complete control over the content and the structure of the category layouts you build.

Bloom eMail Opt-In And Lead Generation Plugin

Bloom Email Opt-In And Lead Generation
Bloom Email Opt-In And Lead Generation

Bloom is a plugin that helps you convert your visitors into loyal followers. If you have been on online marketing space, you already know how important it is to collect data of people that come to your website and create your list of emails. This way you will be able to promote your products and services long after they leave your website.

Bloom has 6 different display types:

  • Automatic Pop-Ups
  • Automatic Fly-Ins
  • In-line Opt-Ins
  • Below Content
  • Opt-In to Unlock
  • Opt-In Widgets

Bloom Display Types
Bloom Display Types

After you install and activate Bloom on your WordPress site, you’ll be able to create stunning opt-in forms.

But not only you can control the display type. You are also able to choose different triggers that allow you to add extra power to hone in on your audience, and gain even higher conversion rates.

Bloom integrates with 19 email marketing service providers, like ConvertKit, AWeber, GetResponse, etc.

Bloom also lets you increase conversions with A/B testing that is incorporated. Split testing lets you compare the performance of multiple variations of the same opt-in form to help you figure out which one is the most effective.

If you want to see all these options in action, just go ahead to Bloom website. You will be able to live preview, and even find more options that are explained there

Monarch Social Sharing Plugin

Monarch Social Media Sharing
Monarch Social Media Sharing

Monarch is a popular social media sharing plugin that comes with your Elegant Themes subscription.

Monarch will help you to add both social share and social follow buttons to your website. You can choose from over 20 Social Networks.

Social Media is the lifeblood that keeps the internet glowing. Social Sharing lets you harness that activity and use it as a positive force for your business. To put it in simple words, Social Media lets you send qualified traffic to your websites and increase sales.

You can add Sharing Buttons in 5 different locations, since websites, pages and posts have different social sharing needs:

  • Floating Sidebar. No matter that you scroll up or down, sharing buttons will be always accessible for readers to share your webpages.
  • Above & or Below Content. Ideal for blog posts and content heavy pages, Monarch allows you to place sharing buttons either above the content area, below the content area, or in both locations.
  • On Images & Videos. Sharing images is easier than ever before. Monarch will automatically detect all images in your blog posts. Just add an image the same as ever before, and as long as Media Sharing is enabled in the Monarch Dashboard, your images will be detected and your visitors can share them with ease!
  • Automatic Pop-Ups. Everytime the reader scrolls down through your page or post, a popup will be shown letting readers to share your page. You can fully customize your pop-up title and message as well as control entirely how and when they are displayed to your visitors.
  • Automatic Fly-ins. Similar to triggered pop-ups, fly-ins are another great way to grab your readers’ attention when they are most engaged. These can also be triggered by time delays, page location, or when the user’s mouse is leaving the page.

Pros & Cons Of Elegant Themes

  • 24/7 customer service and technical support
  • A variety of layouts can be accessed
  • The billing procedure is easy but you can get a helping hand if you find any difficulty
  • Most credible platform as reviewed by customers
  • Elegant Themes is used by a number of people belonging from various professions
  • 30-day money back, no questions asked guarantee is also offered
  • Not very expensive, considering that you can pay once and use it on any number of websites
  • Instructions about using their products are available on the website. You can also access to a variety of free video tutorials all over the internet, especially on YouTube
  • No pup up exit-intention builder
  • Although they offer 24/7 support, it can take several hours before you actually get your questions answered

Elegant Themes Pricing And Costs

You can choose between 2 plan options:

Yearly Access

You can get this package at $89 per year. With the purchase of the yearly package, you can have access to Divi, Extra, Bloom and Monarch. You can also get access to hundreds of website packs, premium support, product updates and unlimited number of websites.

Lifetime Access

The lifetime access package can be bought at $249 (one time). After the payment, you can have access to Divi, Extra, Bloom and Monarch. You can also get access to hundreds of website packs, premium support, product updates and unlimited number of websites.

If you are planning to use Elegant Themes for customers, or having a lot of websites for yourself, like for example promote many different products as affiliate, I recommend you the lifetime access option.

While other companies offer a limited time of support and updates (normally 6 months to a year), Elegant Themes offers you the lifetime option, with lifetime support. You pay once and forget about subscriptions. You will get updates every time they release, and support anytime you need.


And don’t worry! No matter which plan you choose to go with, you also get a 30-day money-back guarantee. That way, if for any reason you’re not 100% satisfied and happy being an Elegant Themes club member, you can get a full refund – no questions asked. So, joining this is 100% Risk-Free!

What Customers are Saying About Elegant Themes

I’ve never seen a product that has so many reviews as Elegant Themes. Most are positive. There are several independent platforms that collect reviews like these:




Elegant Themes Reviews in Trustpilot Elegant Themes Reviews in Reviews.io Elegant Themes Reviews in Capterra



Elegant Themes Reviews in G2 Elegant Themes Reviews in Sitejabber

Since those platforms are absolutely serious, all reviews are verified.

With so many positive reviews, and the fact that you have an entire month to test the product, rest assured that purchasing Elegant Themes is a good deal.

Here are some of the comments that real customers are placing:

SunPower Reviews
Alejandro Ahumada
Just brilliant!!
Divi support is not just good, they are brilliant. I have a number of sites and do make custom changes, which sometimes affect other areas. Then months afterwards I go to those areas and... RED ALERT!!! things are not as they should be. Of course I don't remember that it was yours truly that made the changes and in my panic I contact support. I don't know how they do it, but I get replies like "You are using a custom option. Go there and there and you can fix it." And it works! As I said, just brilliant.
SunPower Reviews
Andreas Jantke
“What makes a product or a company outstanding in the market? A good and easy to use product and a great service!
I've used the Divi Theme for many projects and it's a great product. I love the possibility to change all the paddings, sizes, positions very easily without the knowledge of html or CSS. My knowledge is very limited on programming.
Over the past years the product is permanently improved. Frequent updates! Due to my lack of knowledge i faced a few situations over the time with issues i couldn't personally fix. Elegant themes has one of the best support teams on the entire market. Using the Chat i explained my issues and within a few hours i had a chat with someone who solved my problem. The problem was caused due the integration of several PayPal buttons and this was not a problem or limitation caused by the theme. But the support made the necessary changes on the Code to make it work.
This outstanding support makes a good product a great product and i will keep going on using Divi for my future projects.
SunPower Reviews
Pleasant Customer Service and an Easy Theme to Build Sites with
I have been using Elegant Themes for years now and I have experienced mannerly customer service, prompt responses to the few issues I have had and a very user friendly Divi theme build experience. Thanks to all the team at Elegant Themes for such an innovation!
SunPower Reviews
David M.
“Best website builder and superb Support”
I started building websites in 2020. At first, I tried custom themes, but they were very expensive (you need to hire a developer, and you depend on him for the whole project). Then, I used 2 other famous builders to try different options. I've migrated all these websites to Divi or I'm in the process of migrating them to Divi. I have large multinational websites built with Divi, and large e-commerce stores too. For more complex websites you'll need to buy some extras from the Marketplace (which is great, and it really has everything you need for big projects) or to hire a developer, but the underlying technology under everything is Divi for sure. For personal blogs, travel blogs, or small e-commerce websites, the basic subscription is more than enough. And the Support team, what can I say? They are amazing. I have only words of appreciation for them. This review is just a way to recognize their help and effort.

Orva L.
The best support ever
I was searching for a way to force the social links displayed by the Divi Person module to open in a new window. After submitting this question in the support chat, I received a perfect solution in chat and by e-mail on the next day. The best support ever!
SunPower Reviews
Victor P.
"Elegant Themes it gave me the best website builder - Divi Builder!"
I like the fact that it is a visual front-end website builder very easy to use with a massive collection of tutorials both on their site and on YouTube. I like that I can create almost every kind of website I'd wish. I like their marketplace where you can find a tremendous source of ready-made templates, headers, footers, landing pages and many many more ready-made designs, some are free some are not free but many of them have affordable pricing. I like that I have many plugins that work seamlessly with Divi Builder. I like a lot, my website builder, from Elegant Themes, I can design my three sites just the way I want without having any coding experience and I can create outstanding websites that can compete with sites designed by big web design agencies. I love the latest feature added: the Divi Cloud, in Divi Cloud I can save a full page of a site, I can save a certain section, a simple customised button or a header and after I save that to the cloud I am able in two clicks to have it in my other site. That makes it so easy for me to use a certain design on a new site without having to create that from scratch.

There are so many features I like about Elegant Themes but I can only say now that I 100% recommend it to anyone that wants to build a website.


Elegant Themes is a widely used and incredible company. Professional teams are in charge to offer the best service to their customers, and to make them enjoy their products.

The products they provide are risk-free, since you have 30 days to test. They also provide their customers with 24/7 customer service and technical support. If you have any questions, you can contact them at any time. Chances are that a question you have, someone else has had before, and with a simple Google query, you will find the answer in no time.

That’s the additional benefit of having a very popular product, with more than 800K active users from all over the world.

Whether you’re looking for a WordPress theme that can be used to create any type of website from scratch, or if you need a plugin that can help you to transform your existing site, signing up with Elegant Themes to get access to Divi, Extra and the Divi Builder plugin definitely makes sense. The other plugins — Bloom and Monarch — are very useful tools, too.